ScooterX BAJA 49cc Off Road 32MPH Go Kart w/ Dual Sport Tires

ScooterX BAJA 49cc Off Road 32MPH Go Kart w/ Dual Sport Tires
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  • Item #: Scooterx49cc
  • Manufacturer: ScooterX
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ScooterX BAJA 49cc Off Road 32MPH BLUE Go Kart w/ Dual Sport Tires! The ScooterX 49cc Baja Go Kart is an awsome solution to get your kids started in the offroad world. The Baja has dual sport tires that can be used in on or off road aplpications. This model can be ridden by children or adults. If you have any questions please give us a call at the number below.


  - 49cc Gas Engine: This is the most powerful 2 stroke 49cc engine of this type on the market. Also EPA Approved for our environment!
- Centrifugal Clutch: This is an automatic clutch
- Gear Box: Racing style gear box, direct drive! No multiple gears to turn means more torque to the wheels!
- Gas Tank: 1 Liter capacity
- 8" off road tires: These tires are a dual sport on or off road tire.
- Bumpers: The Baja has a front and rear bumper
- Rear Disk Brakes: Disc brakes are much safer than drum or band brakes for the fact that they work much better.
- Safety Flag: The flag gives you more visibility and is intended for safety
- Throttle Trigger: We use the trigger throttle on out go karts. Trigger is mounted directly to the handle bars.
- Hand Brake: The brake is also mounted directly to the handle bars.
- Top Speed 32mph: Kart can go even faster with upgrades!
- Max Weight: The karts can handle 250 lbs but our recommended max weight is 200-225 lbs for the longevity of the kart.
- Warranty: 30 day parts replacement warranty and life time technical support
- Shipping Method: This item ships Fedex Ground

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